Upcoming Events

Cursillo's have been Announced for 2018

Rectors for 2018
Men's Weekend - April 5th - 8th, 2018
Rector David Bogner - St. Peters North Ridgeville
Co-Rector - Robert Caraballo - Sacred Heart Chapel Lorain

Women's Weekend - March 1st - 4th, 2018
Rector Tiffaney Gracia - Sacred Heart Chapel Lorain
Co-Rector Maritza Bratovich Sacred Heart Chapel


**Please remember that it is the responsiabilty of the Cursillo Community to evangelize and fill the weekends. We must be constantly evangelizing spreading God's word to the world in all that we do. If you are sumitting your applications to Deacon Edgar you can email them to or mail them in at the following address: St. Vincent de Paul Church, Attention Deacon Edgar Gonzalez, 41295 N. Ridge Rd, Elyria, OH 44035.

Important Annoucement to Greater Cursillo Community

Pope Francis Speaks to Cursillos in Italy

Pope Francis meets with Cursillos in Christianity Movement


The C.R.O.C is a community of Christians who, united in the atmosphere of a Group Reunion, seek every day to become more centered, more committed and more united, so as to accelerate in themselves, in the Movement, and in thier environments the living out of what is fundamental for being Christian. (Fundamental Ideas #540) We will bestatring this program in the early Fall for all those who seek to enrich thier commitment to the Cursillo Movement and thier own individual knowledge. All is part of STUDY and it is in our enriching of ourselves in the knowleged of God that we get closer to our Lord.

C.R.O.C. Course 2018 start will be announced .
Cursillo Review and Oreintation Course C.R.O.C. Scheduled
When: To Be Announced
Where: St Vincent de Paul Conlen Ministry Center CMC
Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Register Early


Next core meeting is Feburauy 20th, 2018 at St. Vincent de Paul at 7:00PM


Special Note
Remember that one of the key elements to perserverance is "SPRITUAL DIRECTION"
if you do not have a spritual director seek one out this will be a key part to your journey.
This can be a trusted Christian friend, a priest, a deacon or a trainned spritual director. We are lucky in our movement here to have an individual who is trainned in that area.

“Come and See”

When Jesus was choosing his first 12 apostles, he simply said to them “Come and see.”
If you have ever felt this invitation, you may want to look into spiritual direction.

The intention of a spiritual director is simply to accompany you on your walk of faith and help you see God working in your life.  Spiritual direction is offered in a private, confidential, one-on-one setting at the pace of each individual.   It can be a very healing, life giving experience.

I would like to offer this companionship to those of you who are seeking a deeper relationship with our Lord.  If you are interested in accepting this invitation, or just have questions regarding spiritual direction in general, please don’t hesitate to call me.



Our Lord knocks on the Doors of our Hearts Every Single Day of Our Life
Be Still and Listen to the Call of our Lord
We must open the door and allow Him in in order that our Lives
may be truly Transformed



The Lorain Spanish/Englsih Speaking Cursillo | Lorain, OH