Leader's School (C.R.O.C.)

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Rev. Mr. Edgar Gonzalez
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Janet Caraballo

This is an intense 6 week course on the mechanics and movements of the Cursillo Weekend
.  Specially designed to acclimate all new Cursillistas to the purpose and design of the movement in today’s Catholic Church. New Cursillista’s who have a desire to become active in the movement's presentation and evangelization are encouraged to complete this course before proceeding in the movement.

What is THE C.R.O.C. course?

Group of Christians
1. United Faith
   2. Seeking to be more committed and more united

 1. To accelerate the living out of what is fundamental for being Christian.
   2. To establish and help to sustain and encourage group reunions.
   3. To prepare for and better the Ultreya.
   4. To train leaders for team formation.
   5. To live and understand the Methods of Cursillo so they can lead others.
   6. To know and live the talks of Cursillo.
   7. To provide the Perseverance to Cursillista’s, Groups and Community.

A Leaders School is not established to do something but to be something, a community in service of others as God has empowered all His children to do.

The C.R.O.C. is the place where the real work of the movement itself begins and is carefully planned, shared and carried out to communities.  It is LEADERS that will form a Leaders School, Leaders School cannot form LEADERS from people who themselves are not LEADERS….

The Fundamental Ideas of the Cursillo Movement state
1. A total sharing of those persons who not only understand it, live it and can explain it but also
   2. Have made Cursillo Movement a real part of themselves that can inspire others.

Leaders School Format
   1. Opening Prayer- The Leader's Prayer
   2. Technique Talk – “The Why – Wherefore – How” of each element
   3. Discussion and questions
   4. Closing Prayer

The Lorain Spanish/Englsih Speaking Cursillo | Lorain, OH